Visual CareQs simplify communication.

Visual CareQs are designed to streamline workflow. Many hospitals are still using outdated methods to disclose basic information between team members and patients regarding their care plan. Lincor’s Visual CareQs eliminate the need for a whiteboard in each patient room with the introduction of visual modules that simplify the communication process.

Instant information for Nurses

Nurse’s Dashboard

Outdated methods of marker boards are a thing of the past with the Nurse’s Dashboard. Nurses can instantly access room number, nurse on duty, and family information, improving rounding and reducing wasted time and energy for the staff. The Nurse’s Dashboard highlights pending requests and dietary information so they are aware of their patient’s needs and can direct requests to the appropriate departments.

Help for the road to recovery


A great healthcare team can provide patients with curated treatment plans. The Transition CareQ articulates where patients need to go on their road to recovery. It can display information on transfers and discharges to communicate to patient and staff the next steps of their care.

Contagion notification for your team


In extreme instances where a patient has a highly contagious airborne disease, the Isolation CareQ will notify the appropriate team members. It also provides updates on the patient’s recovery status to improve communication amongst the care team.

Know what equipment is needed

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment is commonly used by health care professionals and patients to create a barrier between themselves and infectious materials. This CareQ can help manage information between the clinicians, patients, and visitors about the appropriate equipment needed for each case.

Physicians can efficiently communicate with family

Family Contacts

With the right support, patients can speed up their recovery times and discharge from the hospital at a faster rate. Having access to family contacts allows physicians the option to efficiently communicate with the family members who are supporting the recovery process.

Quick reference for patient mobility


Mobility scores are developed to measure a patient’s ability to follow a few commands and determines the distance they can cover walking. The Mobility CareQ keeps records of a patient’s status and is easily accessible to all members of their care team.

Easy customized meal ordering

Diet Type

Diet Type can interface with your current DMS to provide easy to use menus and selections based on your hospital’s food selection. Those patients with dietary restrictions will only see menu items available to them to make ordering that much easier.

Visitation information for family & friends


The feeling of isolation often comes with prolonged hospital stays, and visits from friends and family lift patient moods and improve their outcome. The Visitation CareQ provides all visitors with appropriate information about the best times to enter or leave so their loved one can receive the best care possible.

Fall prevention to protect patients

Fall Risk

It is important to have open communication between doctors and nurses in order to treat a patient effectively. Fall prevention protects patients from harm during their hospital stay, and this CareQ articulates the information simply with an on and off switch.

Quick access to vital information

Vital Signs

Get access to the most important information right at the bedside. Vital Signs communicate everything from body temperature to heart rate, with other vitals displays available as requested.

Personalized goals readily available


Not every patient’s treatment is the same. Goals highlight prescribed information the nurses have set forth for each of their patients. This could be anything from medication info to treatment comprehension.

Quick access to all Lab Results


Lab values articulate vital information about the condition of the patient. This CareQ puts all of the results in one place making it simpler for the clinicians to access. Organization at this level makes it easier to assist each patient throughout their treatment.

Streamline the pain management process

Pain Management

Depending on the patient and their needs, pain management can be simple or complex. The Pain Management tool aims to streamline the entire process by addressing goals, medications, and pain score with just the click of a button.

Easy access to vital prescription information


Find relevant medical information for each patient with the Medication CareQ. The prescribed drug and dose are compiled together in one convenient location. If questions arise during treatment you can easily access the name of the physician who sent the prescription through.

Informed patients and engaged in their care

Patient’s Understanding

As high as an 11.6% increase in top box scores for HCAHPS in patients.


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