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Optimizing the Healthcare Experience


Lincor facilitates and aligns the goals of patients and hospital:

Better Outcomes
Educated patients are engaged patients

Improved Clinician Work Life
Decreases administrative demands on nursing staff, reducing burn out and redundant tasks

Reducing Costs
Improves workflows and eliminates redundancies in care continuum and less likelihood of readmission

Enhanced Patient Experience
Provides a modern patient-centered experience that addresses safety, timeliness, and education which facilitates and engaged patient

Aligned goals and effective communication leads to REDUCED RISK

Lincor’s MyCareboard Provides

Interactive Patient Engagement Through Technology

Technology plays a vital role in the safety, engagement, and care of every patient. Lincor’s MyCareboard is a state-of-the-art operating system that offers the latest in cutting-edge technology to enhance patient and employee engagement. No two hospitals, patients or care teams are alike, that’s why we offer complete customization of the tools that work best for your needs. So, you can focus on increasing productivity while delivering superior results.

My Care from MyCareboard

Lincor connects patients, families, and clinicians at the point of care

Delivery Options


Digital HD Display

Mobile Tablet

Bedside Monitor


An Integrated Solution That Stands Apart

Better Features and More Flexibility


Cross Platform


Modular Approach


Managed Services


A Positive Patient Experience Leads To

Better Clinical Outcomes

Decreased Readmissions

On average our clients experienced a 4.4% decrease in readmission rates.

Patient's Understanding

As high as an 11.6% increase in top box scores for HCAHPS in patients.

Recommending Hospital

As high as a 19.2% increase in top box scores for HCAHPS in definitely recommending the hospital.

Well Managed Pain

As high as a 9.7% increase in top box scores in pain being well controlled during the patient’s stay.

Medication Usage

As high as a 10.7% increase in top box scores for HCAHPS in staff explaining medication usage.

Quickly Received Help

As high as a 9.9% increase in top box scores for HCAHPS in help always being received quickly.

Hospital Rating

As high as an 8.2% increase in top box scores for HCAHPS in overall hospital rating.


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